Yoga: A Practice for mind and body


Video Title: Yoga: A Practice for mind and body

Video Duration: 1:42 mins

Yoga is the practice for both the mind and body is a physical and spiritual practice these days most of the physical emphasized with yoga but it’s important and even the simplest exercise when done well can have profound impact on awareness because this is the only form of exercise that massages your internal organs …and the research shows that it can help reduce blood pressure and help us to increase our stress threshold  less likely to go  lifestyle diseases  like depression and heart disease and if you have this disease already  it can help us to manage these diseases better and we don’t need to complex  asked us to build a benefit ….

So the benefits include stress relief ,improved immunity, better flexibility a reduction in blood pressure ,blood glucose and blood sugar ..this has been found in people who have pre-diabetes and pre heart disease and it syndrome called metabolic syndrome and in people with metabolic syndrome researches has shown that yoga consistent yoga can reduce their numbers in peak condition with yoga ..I’m going to look it more with you in the mental health section….