Wellness is an Imperative 


Video Title: Wellness is an Imperative 

Video Duration: 1:20 mins

So we talk about how we define wellness,  now we have to argue that wellness is an imperative, it is an imperative from a private health  perspective for us Indian and it also an imperative from public health perspective for Indian.

India  unfortunately has distinction of being called the diabetes capital of the world and we are a few years away from being  called the heart attack capital of the world. There are 61 million Indians living with diabetes today and the number is expected to reach 101 million by 2030. There are 54 million Indians with heart disease today and a few expert,  a few doctors told me these numbers are probably much greater. If nothing is done, the figure is estimated to be 223 million by 2040 according to WHO  is the public health crises ,it’s the potential economic  disaster.