The Nutrition – Wellness Habit


Video Title: The Nutrition – Wellness Habit 

Video Duration: 1:14 mins

* Wellness habit no 2- “Eat well

What is a meal..right..well that habit school of public health give this really cool and easy diagram to plate look at..they call it healthy eating plate, and if you looking that healthy eating plate third of it is fresh vegetable ,third of it is fresh fruit the quarter is lean protein and the quarter is whole grain ,every single meal you eat needs to look like half of your plate is filled with fruits and doing really well and the other part to remember just take out that process food from your life.. “NO preservatives ,no chemicals please”.

This is something i told my 5 year old son ..”If your food can go bad..its good for you..if your food can’t go bad its bad for you..” In other words if there is an ingredient in food level you can’t recognize your body wont either..