Video Title: Sleep

Video Duration: 1:58 mins

profoundly impacts all five types of health that compose the wellness…..what do you think it is?…….am actually asking you..what it is..?……….

Discipline, think positive, yes it is good one..Exercise, eating good food consistently ,awareness ..sleep….

sleep: It is single thing that you can do that impacts all five aspects of health simultaneously  and one thing you can take back today let it be this if  you can get regular sleep every single day .its gonna do your wellness wonders did you sleep is associated with risk factor for diabetes and heart disease affects your ability to think clearly it affects to your ability to learn ,it affects you ability to interact with other people ,it makes you prone to accidents while driving ..I’m  going to popular belief you need for sleep doesn’t good on you adults  after we need to same amount of sleep  throughout   our lives….