Nutrition Deficiency


Video Title: Nutrition Deficiency

Video Duration: 2:28 mins

There are three micro nutrition deficiency  among Indian adults ..vitamin D researches tells us it’s  60 to 80% of urban adults are deficient in vitamin V12  we don’t have the number  but when we don’t finish ins and psychologist  in particular it seems to be a common enough problem psychiatrist   in India tells me that often people get misdiagnosed  with depression when they actually just have a vitamin V12 deficiency and they get end up being put under the depression  with all they needed  was a vitamin V12 shot …..

Iron : 55% of adults women are anemic in India a large proportion of that is under present anemia ….So my recommendation is that you get your iron, vitamin V12, vitamin D levels check annually  if you are women and your vitamin D and vitamin V12 levels check annually  if you are a men ….ideally during the winter months because that’s when vitamin D levels are at their lowest ……Some other suggestion …eat for lightness food that lightly in your stomach ..your bodies incredibly intelligent knows what work be what doesn’t ….Stay away from excess sugar and starch and salt .sugar is inflammatory  and information is known to play a role in every single lifestyle disease from cancer to diabetes   to depression ..Something that i tell my children ..remember..if your food can go bad it’s good for you and if your food can’t go bad it’s not good for you doesn’t ingredient on food label that you can’t recognize your body wont either ……one bad meal can make you fat  that’s one good meal  make you healthy  so it’s about consistency ..