NEAT – Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis


Video Title: NEAT – Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Video Duration: 1:34 mins

We talk about some research now that’s been done on what spoke need the acronym stands for non exercise activity thermo genesis it’s been worked on primarily by James Levine and then subsequently by bunch of other researches across the united states and the point is making is that the energy that is expended when were not exceed exercising is far more important  to our health leading full vibrant lives it’s far more important than exercising..there  are most human beings exercise on average people expand a hundred   calories and exercise which is not much however… we work  really impacts how many calories we spend so this is from work done by black and dark and if you look at their number if you doing chair bound work you spending 300 calories per day and somebody was seating all day long..if it seated work its 700 calories and seated work with movement is 1000 calories .. standing work is 1400 calories  and if you do strenuous work  manual  labor that’s 2300 calories with a 2000 calories difference between people depending upon  what they do for  …