Langar’s Study


Video Title: Langar’s Study

Video Duration: 2:25 min

The energy that’s fill our heart and mind influence our body those around us world at large ..and i want to share really exciting   study …so Langer is a psychologist  who did the study in nineteen seventies’s called counter clockwise study and what she did was she do the group of seventeen year old men and she split them into two group ..let’s call them group a and group B  she put group A in retreat  where they would go to them about the past for a week  so got to enjoy themselves  relax and reminisce about past B slightly different mandate  they were required to yes reminisce about the past but will also be in power felonies visual  cues to make them think  that they were in the past  20 years ago so they were magazines ,newspaper  they were the movies in the past but only allow to talk about the event that happens 20 years ago ..they will also need to look after themselves  so they had to cook for themselves playing for themselves  ..remember that some of these came in the wheelchairs when they enrolled into study ..a week later  result was   fascinating   ..seeing group A that was reminisce bout the past the physical and physiological marker hardly change but in group B is very interesting ..their muscles strength improved ,their muscles improved their eyesight improved  their hearing improved ,their mental alertness improved .it was like the mind had told the body that it was younger and body follow suits ….