Intuition and wellness


Video Title: Intuition and wellness

Video Duration: 2:30 min

Intuition is another really powerful tool we all have it wasn’t always important but it’s not something  that’s horned in  schools and colleges  because really should be   it was very interesting study that was done  a while back by psychiatrists where they took some subjects and they made them play a game with two sets of cards  ..the object of game was to win as money as possible with two packs of cards which behave differently  so pack A give you large losses and large games where pack B give you  incremental game and no losses doing about 50 cards on an average the subject could tell the researchers that  there was something wrong in packet .they could tell …right .rushing been figure it out by join about 70 cards they could tell how there was a problem ..they could tell that pack A give larger losses in game but what passionate that 10th or 11th card  the sweat gland of palm when they reached out from card from packing and subsequent to that ..they subsequently choose more cards from pack B… their bodily intuition     told them stay away from pack A and they were choosing cards from pack B but it took them 50 cards for their Russian mind to figured it out .. it would be great if it is harnessed  up information more quickly for a health for well being for the choices make in business all of it  and coming to our help so if there is guts feeling  and in the doctor office something was wrong  he shared with your doctor doesn’t make Russians them it  doesn’t have to..there could be something very important there that you were not taking account for…