How Not To Sleep


Video Title:How Not To Sleep

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Dr. Hrudananda Mallick who is in AIIMS research  has been researching sleep for many years.. he says about only  60% of  Indian adults  get seven to eight hours of sleep to a night and that’s what most people need..and I says most guys… I know that there are couple of people in this audience who get by with loss and function way with less, but few are exceptions ..most people need at least  seven hours a sleep.

How not to sleep….

Light is single most important determinant in our ability to fall asleep.  Melatonin secretion is affected by lights and melatonin regulators sleep-wake cycles so any screen whether to  the TV screen, on i-Pad screen, on i-Phone screen when we look at it we suppress some melatonin production therefore we must work too much must watch TV its ideal that everything be switch off at least an hour before you go to bed.