Body Age Vs Body Mass Index


Video Title: Body Age Vs Body Mass Index

Video Duration: 2 mins

Madhumita-> Thank you sujata for such a nice presentation. I am Madhumita.I was in gym daily where i asked how my bmi indexs what and what is my age. I said my age is this and after the “BMI test” they said do you know whta is your body age.I have no clue because we people are understand age means what is your age like our age kaisa hai.Then he said body age .You know we shouldn’t go all the time whether you are. When i asked my grandparents that how old are you. He said i am 17 and he is 70 plus and I think that’s the body age and mind age is something to work on is very much ..You know you can reciprocate with each other body age and mind age.So this is just addition for that that’s feel….

Sujata->But I want to interrupt and say this that the BMI is no longer valid mark up ..Please tell your doctors and your physical trainer and all to do the research because in  America its thrown out….To aapke trainer ko jarur btaiyega.

Madhumita-> Ya sure I do, thank you….