What is wellness?


Video Title: What is wellness?

Video Duration: 1:36 mins

We talk about what wellness is-

wellness is way of life, a life style you design to achieve your highest potential of well being.This is Dr. John W. Travis’s definition and he is well known ,well respected ,well regarded expert in this field..what emerges from this definition is that your health is your responsibility ..it’s not responsibility of your parents, Your husband,your doctor..it yours..it’s your life..You want to live your highest potential, you have to take control of your health………..the other thing that emerges is that wellness is not the spa appointment ..now I say this because often spa services are consider synonyms with wellness services ,in fact that  for advertise ,I am sure you all experience this .while a massage ,pedicure is great to feel good, to relax in fact massage is highly recommended at least one in month..that cannot be the be all and anal of your wellness ..