Wellness Habits


Video Title: Wellness Habits

Video Duration: 1:34 mins

Which can plugging in your needs..even width residential life that we lead it .. Standing while talking on the phone..we are on the phone at least an  hour a day ………… take the stairs .. take the stairs at work..take the stairs at home..but take the stairs….. have standing meetings instead of seating meetings… ..and if you  thinking the suggestion are flippant ..i have two anecdotes    to share with you one is ..when i have recently need for column .. two years ago on a subject ..i was speaking to some why you are researchers and then they  have been researches  and  i said have you incoperiod  this idea in your  work place and they said yes.. we have moved from seating offices to seating offices  ..and we have standing meetings and we have  walking meetings….