Size oriented or Wellness oriented


Video Title: Size oriented or Wellness oriented

Video Duration: 1:14 mins

Luma-> Hi Maa’m ..this is would you please explain to me that these days women are more size oriented rather than wellness what do you suggest is it about the it the mind over the body or body over the mind.

Sujata->We have become a far more..external society we look out world..we want..we all want to look good and good is equated to being thin and that’s what in fashion right now….Now for me to say people shouldn’t do that ..its pointless because people are going to do that..the markers are changing for health. So BMI is being thrown out..being thin is no longer relevant..having certain muscle mass is important having certain cardiac  vessels strength is important and being able to…and eating right is important so if you doing all of those things and you loose the weight because you want look good ..great nothing wrong with making yourself happy or vanity happy .