Project Description

Your wellness is the sum total of your physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual health. It is a wheel that stays in balance when all five of these aspects of health are in balance. When one area is depleted, the others are affected as well. Keeping this wheel in balance requires effort and the fostering of certain habits. If you put in the effort it will bear bountiful fruit. And while that may seem daunting at first, since one aspect of health is connected with the other, working on one aspect automatically enhances the other aspects of health.

The Wellness seminars explore the essence of wellness and the various wellness habits that are scientifically proven to work to keep the wellness wheel in balance. The lifestyle changes explored in the wellness seminars will be those that are known to reduce levels of stress, improve energy levels, increase work productivity and general sense of wellbeing while reducing the incidence of illness and disease. Emphasis is placed on the fascinating scientific studies that evidence that these lifestyle changes do work. Emphasis is also placed on the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge where it is relevant to our current way of life and helpful in the quest for wellness.

For information on the outline and cost of a bundle of pre designed Wellness seminars please refer to (outline and cost)

Individually designed wellness seminars are available for organisations looking for a conversation that specifically focuses on a certain area of wellness like nutrition and anti-agin or yoga and stress relief.


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