Project Description

Wellness is about taking responsibility for your own health and for your medical treatment. Wellness is often thought of as a spa appointment, a massage, a pedicure or an anti aging facial. While all of these help put your body and mind at ease, they do no encompass wellness. Wellness is about recognizing that your health is much more in your own hands than in the hands of your doctor and that there is plenty that you can do to enhance it.

Bespoke Wellness coaching for individuals or groups allows us to go in depth into the specific wellness needs of the client. Wellness coaching using BioWell ( allows the client to better understand their current state of health that goes beyond blood tests and other physiological measurements. Biowell is a Russian non invasive tool to measure levels of stress, chakra balance and body energy levels to ascertain a person’s level of wellness in real time. While it is not a tool for diagnosis, it provides scientific evidence to the clients in real time of whether their lifestyle habits are working for their overall health or not. A biowell measurement is often a powerful catalyst for clients to change their lifestyle habits to improve their sense of wellbeing and overall health.

Dr. Shetty combines her skills as a life coach, her expertise in Wellness and her knowledge of Biowell to provide a unique Wellness coaching service for clients truly interested in changing their health and lives. Please contact to learn more.


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