• Sugar: the sweet devil

    Sugar: the sweet devil

    One-quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive,” says the hieroglyph on an ancient Egyptian tomb. I was reminded of this wisdom when I came across a paper in the British Medical Journal on how sugar consumption can [...]

  • Invest in real friendships

    Invest in real friendships

    My close friends keep me grounded, help me stay centred, remind me of what is important and make me laugh, a lot. Good friends are a necessity, particularly in the times we live in. Our everyday lives are hectic, filled with physical and emotional stresses [...]

  • Money can buy you smiles…

    Money can buy you smiles…

    There is a popular belief that the things that bring us happiness aren’t for sale. Songs have been sung about this, poetry written, and while it’s a lovely sentiment, it is wrong. Money allows us to buffer ourselves against daily worries and gives us more [...]

The sunshine paradox

Vitamin D plays a definitive role in the normal growth and upkeep of our body and the quality of our bones. Though classified as a vitamin, it [...]

Fast for health

Those interested in rejuvenating their bodies and minds post Diwali, listen up. The secret to extending your youth while keeping disease at bay seems to lie in, [...]

The joy in giving

People routinely give their time and money to others, often at a cost to themselves. Blood donation is one example of giving. Substantial research in psychology shows [...]

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