Meditation – Protect your emotional health


Video Title: Meditation – Protect your emotional health

Video Duration: 1:39 mins

* Wellness habit no 3-“Protect your emotional health

In India looking after your emotional health is considered stigma..if you have depression or suffering jetty or any other more complex psychiatric illness consider shameful ..something you don’t talk about..something you don’t sick health for..please sick health that you need..there is no difference between diabetes and depression..both are disease that can be treated and people are just in control of them..both..but you don’t need to have  disease to look after your emotional health..a lot of pain there we dealing with are really only thoughts but saying only makes it feel somehow less powerful the fact that pain is very real even if it is in our thoughts..but there is a solution that we have gotten from millennia that is based on our culture, from our gurus and the antitumor is meditation way to look after your emotional health is to meditate ..its an easy practice, its not complicated, its not just relegated to spiritual master..we can all do it and we must all do it.. its found to reduce blood pressure ,it reduce heart rate, improve the electrical activity in brain so we have thought some coherent and we feel at peace and calm..