How to handle Nocturnal Life


Video Title: How to handle Nocturnal Life

Video Duration: 1:26 min

Question-> Sujata I please my question 1st  because I lead a very different kind of life currently.. I am kind of leading a…. nocturnal life .. I don’t sleep in night and i am type of sleeping in day time .. do you think like…. 9 hours of sleeps in a day can composite for 7 hours of sleep in  the night.. and if not .. what should be i really doing


Sujata-> So for your body circumambient obviously this in not ideal ..

Question->But then my work ..

Sujata-> But the research  that has been done .. has been done on people who do this chronically  and in your case I am hoping  its short term thing ..

Question-> It is like kind of ..its my job  so I am doing it every night ..

Sujata-> For how long ..

Question->Past two years i have been doing it..

Sujata-> Ohk ..

Question->And i faced..recently i have come to know that i am suffering from  thyroids .. i mean the border line of thyroids..

Sujata-> so i would highly recommend that start doing yoga …. and in fact follow the  5 principles other than the sleep so follow the 4th principle  and what’s wonderful  is that you are actually  sleeping enough during the day….because  what tends to happen  whether  lot of people is that they don’t  sleep enough during the day..

Question-> I make it sure because otherwise i loose my voice also..

Sujata-> yaa So you are sleeping enough and you look beautiful so i am is glow about you  and show you doing well…..

Question-> Thank you Ma’am… I’ll take care..