Heart attack – The major cause of death in India


Video Title: Heart attack – The major cause of death in India

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The other point that is important to bring home and it is bit depressing but it is important ..that you all be aware of it….and that is “wellness is in crises”……….

India is diabetes capital of the world and we are few years away from being called heart attack capital of the world ..let me give some numbers ..this is all from WHO ..there is 61 million Indians living with diabetes   in our country today ….if nothing changes the number  will reach 101 million by 2013…….there is 54 million people living with heart disease in our country today ….. and if nothing is changes that number will be 2023 million by 2014…. so only in a few years in few decades  we talking about a lot of people with heart disease  and diabetes and just put in this contacts..just in December of last year there was a research article that told us that 60% of Arabian Indian woman between age group of  30 to 45 year are at risk for heart disease in Arabian India ..in Arabian cities in India so we talking about 6 out of 10 woman in this room …..being at risk for heart disease that  ‘s a lot of woman…..Heart attacks are 2nd major  cause of death in Indian woman…. 1st being breast cancer..and its important to know that woman experience heart attack differently  … symptoms last for few days as a post to a sudden on set that you have might in seen in movies…… and you get a jaw pain or upper back or shoulder pain ..pain that radiates to arm ..you could  have problem sleeping a couple of days unusual fetes  these are symptoms that are non specific but important to know them because heart attack  striking our mothers  much younger….