Being Active


Video Title: Being Active

Video Duration: 1:37 mins

*Wellness essential habit no 4- “Be Active

Stand while talking on the phone. Have walking meeting instead of seating meeting.. have standing meeting instead of seating meeting.In fact don’t try to seat too much. seating is really bad for you..and being inactive is as bad for your health as smoking.yup its true.So either you become active or you might start smoking. because its just bad.. and what can part of being active is walk .you don’t need gym membership, you don’t need weights, you don’t need equipment. You just see pair of shoes and go for walk with your friends ,you can walk your dog. You can walk around block during your office break ,you can walk on treadmill if you have treadmill. It reduces your risk for getting diabetes .It improves your blood circulation .It improves your digestion..its elevates your mood. Make you lesser risk of depression.List of the good comes from walking is endless. And while the American “Heart Association” recommends that people get mud rich Arabic exercise five times in a week about 30 minutes each day. In India that number is even higher 45 minutes in 5 times in a week for Indians.

So you really got to get moving.